Deep Sky Eye Observatory Exploring Space (1.5-2 hours) - Start the experience outside beneath the beauty of the Milky Way. Learn the basics of navigating the night sky and experience various constellations and distant galaxies. Discover the Moon (1.5-2 hours) Learn the basics of navigating the night sky using points of reference such as Polaris (North Star) and various constellations. Learn about the planets and how to find them. Discover hidden gems in the night sky using binoculars (provided, or bring your own). Located at: 342 Frotten Rd., Quinan, NS B0W 3M0 Ph: 902-648-2723 GPS Location: 43.913293, -65.801112 Trout Point Lodge Stargazing Look to the skies during a guided stargazing adventure. The lodge has been recognized as one of the best places in North America for astronomical observation and was certified as the world’s first starlight hotel from the Starlight Foundation in 2014. The views are breathtaking and can include amazing meteor showers and the aurora borealis. The lodge’s 10” telescope brings heavenly bodies into even greater clarity. (Non-Trout Point guests, please call for reservations & information) Located at: 189 Trout Point Rd., East Kemptville, NS B5A 5X9 Ph: 902-761-2142 GPS Location: 44.128929, -65.739476 Deep Sky Eye Observatory & Trout Point Lodge Stargazing Adventure Must-Do Experiences SEARCH: “Yarmouth & Acadian Shores - Stargazing” on to watch a video. SEARCH: “Yarmouth & Acadian Shores - Trout Point Lodge Stargazing Tours” on to watch a video. Must-Do Experiences 13