Room to Breathe Amazing Islands to Explore Kayaking the Tusket Islands To paddle around the Tusket Islands is to step back in time. This is one of the few places in Nova Scotia where offshore islands are still used as fishing outposts for an active fishing industry. Local farmers also use the islands to graze their sheep. While this area’s waters are shallow, with many islands and shoals, the current is extremely strong along this coast. Where it is necessary to cross open water to access the islands, the Tusket Islands are only suitable for advanced kayakers. Nearby, the more sheltered Lobster Bay is great for beginner and novice kayakers. Did You Know... ? At the turn of the century, these islands had dozens of lobster canneries, a barber, tanner, cobbler, post office and even a pool hall. People no longer live full-time on the Tusket Islands, but the descendants of those early residents still spend time at the shanties that dot the coastline. Today, the Tusket Islands are primarily used as a base for the lobster fishery. Photo: Deep Blue Media 42 Room to Breathe