b'24Living Wharves Fishing Experience1:30pm - 4:00pm AST|July 1 to Sept. 15 WHAT WOULD YARMOUTH AND ACADIAN SHORES BE WITHOUT FISHERMEN? They are an integral part of our regions culture, and now, you can see what its like to be one for a day. Set a trap, hold and band a lobster, and splice some rope to help with the next days catch. Finish your day at our Savour the Sea experience, and enjoy some of our regions freshest seafood during a beach-side lobster boil.1. Monday5. Friday Dennis Point Wharf Yarmouth - Ice Plant WharfLocation: 35-219 Dennis Point Rd.,Location: 80 Water St.,Middle West Pubnico, NSB0W 2M0 Yarmouth, NSB5A 4K42. Tuesday6. Saturday Port Maitland Wharf Johns Cove Wharf - Yarmouth BarLocation: 3297 Shore Rd., Location: 1181 Rte 304,Port Maitland, NSB0W 2V0 Yarmouth Bar, NSB5A 4K43. Wednesday7. Sunday Wedgeport Tuna Wharf Yarmouth - Ice Plant WharfLocation: 57 Tuna Wharf Rd., Location: 80 Water St.,Lower Wedgeport, NSB0W 2B0 Yarmouth, NSB5A 4K4 Living Wharves4. Thursdaylivingwharves.comSandford WharfLocation: Ross Durkee Rd., #livingwharvesSandford, NSB5A 4A9'