b'Your Passport To Discover Acadie from its roots to todayFrom its roots to today, travel through the centuries and discover eight authenticAcadian sites along this fascinating journey, from Grand-Pr in the Annapolis Valleythe Acadian Village in Lower West Pubnico. Learn about the early days of Acadieand discover the many threads that link the past to the present. Port-Royal National Historic Site Fort Anne National Historic SiteLieu historique national de Port-Royal4 2 Lieu historique national du Fort-Anne13 Grand-Pr National Historic SiteHistoric Gardens Lieu historique national de Grand-PrJardins historiquesSainte-Marie Church5 glise Sainte-Marie6 This land is called Kespukwitk by the Mikmaq and Rendez-vous de la Baie Acadie by the French. In Southwestern Nova Scotia, Acadians settled along the Annapolis River, in theGrand-Pr area, in Pubnico and in other small settlements in Acadie. The Deportation which began in 1755 resulted in Acadians from this region being relocated primarily along the Eastern Seaboard as far south as Georgia. The Acadian story would therefore evolve in many new locales.Muse des Acadiens des Pubnicos78The Historical Acadian VillageLet your Journey beginof Nova Scotia Le Village historique acadien de la Nouvelle-cosse1.Grand-Pr National3.Annapolis Royal 5.Sainte-Marie Church7.Muse des AcadiensHistoric SiteHistoric GardensLearn how the Acadians des Pubnicos et CentreDiscover life in Grand-Pr,17 acres of heritage-themedbuilt this breathtakingde recherche situated in the heart of gardens, including a recon- structure, the largest woodenDiscover the Acadian historythe UNESCO World struction of a 17th centurychurch in North America.of Pubnico dating back to 1653, Heritage Site, from the Acadian home, overlooking(902) 769-2832an Acadian community which first settlement in 1682 to what was the Belliveaumuseeeglisesaintemarie-is still occupied by thethe deportation in 1755.marshland in early Acadie.museum.ca descendants of its founder. (902) 542-3167 (902) 532-7018 6. Rendez-vous de la Baie(902) 762-3380 museeacadien.capc.gc.ca/grandpre historicgardens.com This Visitor Centre houses 8.The Historical Acadian 2. F ort Anne National 4. Port-Royal a museum, art gallery, Village of Nova Scotia Historic SiteNational Historic Sitevisitor information, internetIn this early 1900s Acadian Canadas oldest nationalDiscover this reconstructedcaf, cultural programmingvillage, situated on a beautiful historic site; scene of the1605 French habitationand more.17-acre site overlooking struggle for empire one of the earliest European(902) 769-2345 / 1234Pubnico Harbour, experience between Britain and France.settlements in North America.rendezvousdelabaie.ca a language, culture, and way (902) 532-2397 (902) 532-2898 of life that has thrived along pc.gc.ca/fortanne pc.gc.ca/portroyal this shore for more than350 years. (902) 762-2530For more information, Project Partners: levillage.novascotia.cascan this QR code.Pour plus dinformations, Visit discoveracadie.com to learn morebalayez ce code QR.'