b'32 Food and Drink32 Lobster Bay Culinary AdventuresRudders Lobster BoilsLobster Bay Culinary Adventure Rudders Lobster & Mussel BoilsJoin Chef Jon at the Argyler Lodge, where heEvery Tuesday evening starting at 5:00pm, will help you build your own wood fire andRudders Seafood Restaurant and Brew Pub steam fresh lobsters with all the fixins forwill be serving fresh-steamed lobster and a great oceanside dinner. mussels outside on their patio overlooking Yarmouth Harbour. Enjoy with a local 52 Ye Olde Argyler Rd., craft beer freshly brewed in our in-house Lower Argyle, NSB0W 1W0 microbrewery.Ph: 866-774-0400argyler.com 96 Water St., Yarmouth, NSB5A 4P5Ph: 902-742-7311ruddersbrewpub.comFood and Drink Food and Drink'