b"33Trout Point Cooking ClassesLobster SplashTrout Point Cooking Classes 2019 Lobster SplashDaily cooking classes in the main lodgeWe land the best lobsters in the world right kitchen are held 5 days a week starting athere in Yarmouth & Acadian Shores. Each 2:30 p.m. and last for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. December, we invite you to taste that quality The cost is$ 35/person per hour. Thesefirsthand during the annual two-week Lobster classes are open to the public. Classes andSplash celebration when South Westernforays are taught by professional Trout PointNova Scotia's chefs rise to the challenge of Lodge kitchen staff, with lessons planned dreaming up new ways of preparing this by the chef/proprietors. Cooking classes takeluscious crustacean.place in the newly-equipped GE Monogram kitchen, with the same appliances used in Lobster-shaped cookies, creamed lobster the Top Chef Canada Food Network series. on haddock, lobster bruschetta, lobster slaw, lobster linguine, lobster pizza, lobster 189 Trout Point Rd., couscous just how many ways ARE there East Kemptville B5A 5X9to serve up lobster? Prepare to enjoyPh: 902-761-2142mouth-watering seafood culinary delights Food and Drinkduring the Annual Yarmouth Lobster Splash, Advance reservations requiredNovember to December 2019. (min. 24 hrs). Please contact for dates and times. VisitLobsterSplash on Facebooktroutpoint.com to learn more."