b'39W. Laurence Sweeney Fisheries MuseumMuse des Acadiens des PubnicosW. Laurence SweeneyMuse des Acadiens Fisheries Museum des PubnicosA hands-on museum. Discover Acadian historyCultural RootsLearn how the fishing industry developed inand culture dating back to 1653 and maybe Yarmouth and Acadian Shores and explore even discover your distant relatives in the the replica buildings, trawler and wharf. archives. Dont miss this museum, its well Located at: 112 Water St., Yarmouth, NSB5A 1L5worth the stop. Located at: 898 NS-335, Ph: 902-742-3457 West Pubnico, NSB0W 3S0sweeneyfisheriesmuseum.ca Ph: 902-762-3380 museeacadien.ca'