b'9Stargazing - Wedgeport Nature Trail A great location to view the dark skies of Yarmouth and Acadian Shores, the newly-renovated Wedgeport Nature Trail trail features viewing platforms for taking photos and capturing amazing views. You can even borrow a telescope from the Wedgeport Tuna Museum, located near the trail. Located at: End of the paved road on Hwy 334 to Wedgeport. GPS Location: 43.696657, -65.983132Deep Sky Eye ObservatoryExploring Space (approx. 2.5 hours) - Start the experience outside beneaththe beauty of the Milky Way. Learn the basics of navigating the night sky andexperience various constellations and distant galaxies.Discover the Moon (approx. 2.5 hours) Must-Do ExperiencesLearn the basics of navigating the night sky using points of reference suchas Polaris (North Star) and various constellations. Learn about the planetsand how to find them. Discover hidden gems in the night sky using binoculars(provided, or bring your own). Located at: 342 Frotten Rd., Quinan, NSB0W 3M0Ph: 902-648-2723 deepskyeye.comGPS Location: 43.913293, -65.801112'