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Auberge Nathalie Ora Guest House

The Nathalie Ora is a former a sea captain's home that is now available as a vacation rental in Wedgeport.  Located in Southwest Nova Scotia, the Nathalie Ora is just 20 minutes from the Yarmouth Ferry Terminal and only a few minutes from the famous Wedgeport Tuna Wharf and Breakwater Wharf where Tusket Island Tours set sail several times a week on day trips to our magnificent Tusket Islands.
The Nathalie Ora is a fully equipped and furnished historic 2 story home with 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms that can accommodate up to 10 people and is rented to only one party at a time. Free wireless Internet, cable TV, and local phone are included. Freshly baked pastries can be delivered in the morning, or breakfast served upon request.


2606 Hwy 334, Wedgeport, NS


T: 902-748-2015

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Rates per night:
1-2 guests from $ 150
3-4 guests from $ 200
5-6 guests from $ 250
7-8 guests from $ 300
9-10 guests from $ 350

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