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Redneck Zombie Hallowe’en Backwoods Hike & Camp-Fired Kitchen Experience

Join us in the backwoods of Quinan to celebrate Hallowe’en Redneck Zombie style!!!

Enjoy a short evening hike (zombies can’t cover much ground) to the Glacial Erratic for some shenanigans & snacks (first course of tapas), then returning to Bad Falls for a spooky evening next to the campfire feasting on a selection of camp-fired Tapas throughout the evening.

Although we understand that zombies prefer brains, there will be no brains served at this event!!!!

The Tapas menu includes Chili in a mini Bread Bowl, Maple Candied Salmon & Cucumber Salsa w/ rice crackers, Blueberry Bourbon Tenderloin w/ Feta & Naan, Bocconcini Salad, Cajun Potatoes, Bite-sized Chipotle Pulled Pork & Avocado Grilled Cheese on Jalapeño Cheddar Bread & Caesar Salad Shuttles and for dessert bite-sized Maple Sticky Cake w/ maple cream sauce, Chocolate Brownie cake w/ raspberry sauce & Ginger Cake w/ caramel sauce served with Whipped Cream

This event is Redneck Zombie-themed, but participants are welcome to wear any costume of their choosing, or not wear a costume at all. Please keep in mind that we will be waking and sitting around the fire when considering your costume.

Prize for the best ‘Redneck Zombie’ costume!!!

Space is limited, registration is required!

  • Redneck Zombie Hallowe’en Backwoods Hike & Camp-Fired Kitchen Experience