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Shag Harbour UFO XPO 2023

The Shag Harbour UFO XPO 2023 is an international UFO symposium.

The Shag Harbour UFO XPO is an annual event that brings UFO experts and eyewitnesses together to share their observations and the latest theories and research about unidentified flying objects. The XPO usually includes a presentation or two regarding the events & legacy of the 1967 Shag Harbour Incident. Other presentations are given by recognized UFO researchers on all aspects of the UFO phenomena. The 1967 Shag Harbour Incident is generally regarded as Canada’s most famous and important UFO case.

Ticket Types

Tickets for the 2023 UFO XPO are available for all, or portions, of the event:

  • Full 2-day XPO (Saturday speakers and Sunday afternoon bus tour) – $250
  • Saturday sessions ONLY – $160
  • Sunday bus tour ONLY – $125

Get the tickets that best suit your interests and/or schedule. Be sure to review the schedule to see what is planned for the weekend.

Ticket Sales

Tickets can be purchased online below. Posted prices are what you actually pay – NO additional taxes or fees! Ticket processing is via EventBrite.

Ticket prices do NOT include meals. All food is ordered and purchased directly by attendees.

Refund Policy: NO REFUNDS

The Shag Harbour UFO XPO tells you what the experts think, what the actual eyewitnesses saw, thought and felt, in their own words, and it will take you right to the actual sites where it all happened and continues to unfold.

  • Saturday, September 30, 2023 to Sunday, October 1, 2023
  • Full 2-Day XPO Ticket - $250 | Sunday Bus Tour Only $125 (Early Bird Price 115$) | Saturday Speakers Only $160
  • Rodd Grand Hotel & Convention Centre
    417 Main Street, Yarmouth, NS B5A 4B2 Canada
  • (902) 319-0649
  • [email protected]
  • Shag Harbour UFO Expo