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Broad Brook Wetland Park

Starting Point: Forest St. Parking at ball fields (follow sign).

Route: At entrance there are 2 options: 1) footpath goes S to Southeast St., cross street and continue S to Argyle St. 2) continue R, side branch goes W to Pleasant St. at Albert St. A branch of the trail into the wetlands can be accessed from Southeast St.

Distance: 750 m to Argyle St., 400 m to Pleasant St.

Time: 10 mins. one way.
Description: Linear. Stone dust footpath, grassy footpath, partly follows Broad Brook.
Attractions: Interpretive signs. Wetland park established in 2013.
Services: None.
GPS: Lat: 43°49.8504, Lon: -66°6.564 


Forest St. Parking Lot at ball fields, Yarmouth