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Hear! Here! Society presents Proteus Saxophone Quartet

Hosted by Concerts de Par en haut à Par en bas and Proteus Saxophone Quartet
Monday, February 24, 2020 at 7 PM – 8:30 PM
Beacon Church

2017-18 touring season and the quartet has recently finished touring across Alberta, Sa skatchewan, and Manitoba.n Paris while the members were studying in French Conservatories. Each musician is a soloist in their own right and is active as a performer and teacher in their respective communities. Living across Canada, Proteus unites throughout the year for intensive projects, which have taken them across Western Canada, the USA and France. Proteus is a selected artist with Prairie Debut for their
2017-18 touring season and the quartet has recently finished touring across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Along with performing for festivals and concert organizers, Proteus has hosted independently organized concerts in France, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Alberta. They strive to perform music from many styles, which feature the saxophone and its diverse personas. They include works from the classical saxophone canon, popular tunes, and modern interpretations of non-idiomatic works for the saxophone. By programming eclectic concerts, they aim to entertain and to educate the public about the
history of the saxophone and the saxophone quartet repertoire.

Proteus Quartet strives to collaborate with both composers and performers in order to increase the reach and range of the saxophone quartet. Proteus has been fortunate to work closely with Canadian and international composers through workshops, commissions,and music festivals. The quartet has worked with the Victoria Composers’ Collective,with composers through the Strata New Music Festival, as well as working closely with Canadian composers Robert Lemay, and Justin Boechler. The quartet has also worked with jazz saxophonist Mark DeJong, performing crossover works by Philippe Geiss, as well as with French composer/improviser Francois Rosse on his work Mod’Son7. The quartet has performed with the Jean-Michel Goury and Friends Saxophone Ensemble at the 2015 World Saxophone Congress, and has started a collaboration with drummer Sean
Perrin, playing progressive rock songs for saxophone quartet and drum kit.

The members of Proteus Quartet are from all across Canada, and currently live across the country. Tommy Davis currently lives in Montreal, where he is active in the improvised music scene, as well as working with many different ensembles and a growing teaching studio. Holly DeCaigny divides her time between Edmonton, Alberta, where she will be pursuing a DMA in saxophone performance, and Calgary, where she is an active freelance musician and teacher. Mark Michalak lives in Calgary, Alberta. He teaches a diverse studio of students from beginners to University level, as well as being an active music teacher in the school boards as a clinician and a substitute teacher. Michael Morimoto lives in Vancouver, BC, where he has a successful career as a music instrument repair technician, as well as a growing teaching studio, and freelance musician.

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Monday, February 24, 2020


$25 per person


25 Beacon St,, Yarmouth, NS