222 Things To Do in Yarmouth & Acadian Shores

  1. Try authentic local and international food at The Shanty Café
  2. Grab a coffee at Sip Café
  3. Get married in Yarmouth & Acadian Shores
  4. Try a beer or fill a growler at Heritage Brewing Company
  5. Wave an Acadian Flag
  6. Take a sunset photo
  7. Listen to live music every week with Music of the Bay
  8. Try the newest brew at Tusket Falls Brewing Company
  9. See some of North America’s darkest skies at the Deep Sky Eye Observatory
  10. Go sailing
  11. Try Stand Up Paddleboarding at Lake Milo or Lake Vaughn
  12. Go tuna fishing
  13. Experience local food & drink on our Foodie Walking Tour
  14. Take a trip on the CAT
  15. Enjoy a seaside lobster boil at Savour the Sea
  16. See a movie
  17. Learn what it takes to be a fisherman at Living Wharves
  18. See the Shantymen
  19. Interact with our fishing heritage at the W. L. Sweeney Museum
  20. See a performance at Th’YARC
  21. Engage in Acadian history at the Musée des Acadiens des Pubnicos
  22. Find the burnt wharf in Wedgeport
  23. Fly in a float plane
  24. Watch a hockey game at the Mariner’s Centre
  25. Experience Yarmouth’s history at the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives
  26. Eat some kippers
  27. Experience the Lightkeeper's Seafeast
  28. Interact with exhibits at the Wedgeport Sport Tuna Fishing Museum
  29. Ride a motorcycle to the lighthouse
  30. Go to Frenchy’s
  31. Play tennis at the Hebron Recreational Complex
  32. Taste the famous lemon meringue pie at JoAnne’s Quick n’ Tasty
  33. Travel on the Tusket Island Tours
  34. Go beach combing at John’s Cove
  35. Canoe down the Tusket River
  36. Enjoy a scenic cycle the Hebron Lakes
  37. Look into your genealogy at one of our museums
  38. Play hockey
  39. Go swimming at Port Maitland Beach
  40. Enjoy a meal at the Hatfield House
  41. Go Geocaching
  42. Get a scone at Cafe x Clark’s
  43. Learn to quilt in Pubnico
  44. Try a delicious lobster roll at Dennis Point Café
  45. See fireworks
  46. Check out fishing boats at the Pinkney’s Point Wharf
  47. Visit the Marble Lady
  48. Try cross country skiing
  49. Take a tour of the Pelton-Fuller House
  50. Enjoy an ice cream at Lickety Splitz
  51. Tour a lobster pound
  52. Read a book at the IWK Library
  53. Grab lunch at the Perky Owl
  54. See the gallery at Murray Manor
  55. Take a stroll through the Heritage District
  56. Fly a kite
  57. Enjoy a walk on the waterfront
  58. Play the spoons
  59. Try curling
  60. See the oldest standing courthouse in Canada
  61. Stay in a cottage
  62. Join in on a Yarmouth Walking Tour
  63. Tour a fish plant
  64. Go antique hunting at Yaciuk’s Antiques
  65. Experience Seafest
  66. Look for periwinkles at low tide
  67. Play bingo at the AFV Entertainment Centre
  68. Enjoy boating at Lake Milo
  69. Pick up some Yarmouth & Acadian Shores slang words
  70. Try fricot
  71. Try a local oyster
  72. Go Fly Fishing with Scotian Anglers
  73. Go deer watching on Lakeside Road
  74. Skateboard at the South End Playground
  75. Meet the Mayor
  76. Have a picnic in Frost Park
  77. Try squid jigging
  78. Cycle the Chebogue Loop
  79. Buy a home
  80. Visit the churn
  81. Explore the Pubnico Point Trail
  82. Make a photo album with all your adventures
  83. Try water sports
  84. Learn about people, animals, and the environment on the Tkipok Trail
  85. Visit the 7 Fountains
  86. Spot a seal in the Harbour
  87. Take a tour with Wine and Beer Tours of Nova Scotia
  88. Grab a burger at the Red Shed
  89. Watch the sunset over the Yarmouth Harbour
  90. Try bubble tea at ICEWORKS
  91. Take a cooking class at Trout Point Lodge
  92. Browse the Style Merchant
  93. Get a pastry from Bailey’s Bakery
  94. Climb a tree
  95. Order pizza from Pizza Villa
  96. Cook a traditional Acadian meal
  97. Play pool at Dooly’s
  98. Order a donair at Jake’s Diner
  99. Go digging for clams at low tide
  100. Walk along the old train tracks
  101. Shop at Every Bloomin’ Thing
  102. Go to a kitchen party
  103. Find the lava tube on the Leif Erikson Trail
  104. Get up early to watch the fishing boats leave
  105. Grab a beer at Rudder’s
  106. Play radio bingo on Monday night
  107. Check out the Runic Stone
  108. Go deep sea fishing
  109. Walk your dog on the Forchu River Trail
  110. Meet a Little River Duck Dog
  111. Do yoga on a stand up paddleboard
  112. Stargaze on the Wedgeport Nature Trail
  113. Go mackerel fishing
  114. Grab a sundae at Honey Bee’s
  115. Explore the Tittle
  116. Visit the Abuptic Festival
  117. Watch the Shark Scramble Weigh-Ins
  118. Build a sandwich at Old World Bakery & Deli
  119. Sit in the big chair in Tusket
  120. Try the soup of the day at Cafe du Crique
  121. Go for a scenic drive along the ocean
  122. Test your luck at trivia on Thursday nights
  123. Paint pottery at Ceramic Village
  124. Watch a boat be built or moved
  125. Try the clams & chips at Mern’s
  126. Go kite surfing
  127. Blow the fog horn at the lighthouse
  128. Visit Ste-Anne Church, the oldest in Nova Scotia
  129. Watch a highland dance performance
  130. Pay a visit to La Barge
  131. Learn how to boil a lobster
  132. Remember our lost fishermen at the Lost to the Sea Memorial
  133. Try fring frangs
  134. Walk through the Old Acadian Cemetery
  135. Get beef jerky at Emin’s Meat Market
  136. Explore the barn at the Antique Picker
  137. Try yoga on the beach
  138. Try surfing
  139. Admire the art at Galerie Beaucoop
  140. Go bird watching
  141. See the folk art at Hubert & Belle’s
  142. Spend the day at a local event
  143. Meet a fisherman on the Dennis Point Wharf
  144. Have a bonfire on the beach
  145. Go four-wheeling on the rail trail
  146. Experience Dumping Day
  147. Try a flatbread pizza at the Seaglass Cafe
  148. Check out the root cellar in Pubnico
  149. Take a ride on a lobster boat
  150. Watch the CAT leave
  151. Have a picnic on a beach
  152. Visit the Acadian Odyssey Monument
  153. Get a half & half at La Tchuisine
  154. Learn to make Acadian candy
  155. Grab lunch at the Keeper’s Kitchen
  156. Take your dog for a walk
  157. Go to Green Island to see puffins
  158. Tag a photo on social media with #VisitYAS
  159. Spend Christmas in Yarmouth
  160. See the lights in Frost Park
  161. Learn to play the fiddle
  162. Visit the Rodd Grand hotel where “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas” was written
  163. Hike in the Tobeatic Wilderness
  164. Experience the Santa Clause Parade
  165. Try apple pie moonshine at the Yarmouth Farmer’s Market
  166. Have a mackerel toss competition
  167. Attend the kayak symposium
  168. Visit the Red Hatters
  169. Check out the Maud Lewis exhibition
  170. Watch the parade of lights
  171. Have a conversation in french
  172. Go on a date at Rudder’s
  173. Shop at Carl’s Store
  174. Try the Chinese Food at New Century
  175. Taste Emilia’s Smoothies
  176. Grab a drink on one of our many patios
  177. Visit the animals at the Acadian Village
  178. Jump off the wharf at high tide
  179. Rock climbing at Cape Forchu
  180. See the Lochness Monster in Darling’s Lake
  181. Find the “Will You Marry Me?” rock on the Leif Erikson Trail
  182. Listen to Concert of the Bells
  183. Attend Summer Sounds in Frost Park
  184. Cook a meal with all local ingredients
  185. Craft with the women at the Musée des Acadiens
  186. Learn a sea shanty
  187. Dance at the Red Knight


It's never a dull moment in Yarmouth & Acadian Shores