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7 Fountains Walk

Starting Point: The Red & White Store parking lot. 

Route: Red & White Store (F#1), Argyle St. head E, turn L onto William St., turn R onto Albert St., turn L onto Cottage Lane, cross Forest St. onto Aberdeen St., turn R onto Cliff St., next L onto Seminary St., turn R onto Parade St., head E to Mountain Cemetery (F#2 & 3). Return to Parade St. go W to Main St., turn R head N to Library (F#4), cross Main St. to Frost Park (F#5), return to Main St., go N along Main St. to intersection of Main St. and Chestnut St. (F#6). Turn L onto Water St., go S to “Lost at Sea” memorial (F#7), continue S along Water St. to Hueston St., turn L, to Main St. at Red & White Store.

Distance: 9 km
Time: 2 hr
Description: Loop. Town sidewalks.
Attractions: 7 fountains from 150 years old to present. Parks.
Services: Cafés, restaurants, library, museum.
GPS: Lat: 43°49.671, Lon: -66°7.248 


107 Main St., Yarmouth