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Bill Curry Photography

Bill is a Conservation Photographer. He takes photographs because he loves the outdoors and he wants to share with others images of the outdoors that capture the environment, those who live in that environment, and how the environment shapes and is shaped by the lives of those living in it. Images that either remind people of the outdoors, or help to inform people about our shared habitat.


Bill does this, and has been doing this, for over 35 years - using his camera system, now mainly digital, and relying on his technique which is to photograph without depending heavily on post processing. Bill attempts instead to get the best photograph he can which reflects the reality of the moment.


Bill's technique is ingrained in him through a lifelong use of the Zone system of photography, mastered by Ansel Adams, which Bill learned when he was very, very young. Bill's first photos were of nature when he was a pre-teen and he used a film camera and then processed the black and white images personally in a wet darkroom. Bill still personally prints his photos using professional Epson photo printers and paper so that he can maintain complete artistic control over the final product.


Bill is a professionally trained photographer, having attended Lawrence Academy in Massachusetts and then having graduated from Acadia University with a Bachelor of Arts and then multiple Master's degrees. He also graduated from Cape Breton University's Technology in Education program with honours and finally from the New York Institute of Photography. Bill is an accredited, award-winning, member of the Professional Photographers of Canada, he is accredited in Nature Photography and has won a Merit Award for his bird images.


Bill's work has been published by Saltscapes, Canadian Fly Fisher, Fly Fusion, Coastal Life, NASA and in numerous other newspapers, magazines, websites and other media outlets since 1972.


3455 Hwy 1, Port Maitland


T: (902) 649-2428