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Chebogue Meadows Wildlife Interpretive Trail

From Yarmouth take the Hardscratch Rd., 8.6 km to trail.

Starting Point: Chebogue Meadows trail sign. Parking.

Distance: 4.5 km
Time: 1 hr 20 mins. + 20 mins. side spur.

Description: Linear, then loop; rough footpath, wet spots, boardwalks. Red markers on trees, keep L at fork. About 45 mins. at T-junction, keep R. At 50 mins. side spur to look-off over river, linear (10 mins.); finish loop, linear trail now has yellow markers. During hunting season (Sept to March) it is recommended to wear hunter orange. Attractions: Regenerating forest, wetlands. River, 2 look-offs. Interpretive panels (keep in mind the forest is changing!)
Services: None.
GPS: Lat: 43°53.47602, Lon: -66°3.2709