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Scotian Anglers Fly Fishing

Join licensed guide Tom Rice on six- and twelve-hour fishing trips on the Tusket and Mersey Rivers during June and Sept. Includes wade fishing for brook trout, smallmouth bass and perch. Twelve-hour trips include a gourmet shore lunch with hearty snacks and beverages. Six-hour trip include hearty snacks and beverages.

During July and August, excursions mostly focus on fishing for smallmouth bass. You’ll enjoy fishing in a 16-foot, two-passenger pontoon-style drift boat throughout various lakes in the Yarmouth and Acadian Shores region. Both fly fishing and spin casting can be accommodated.


T: 902-740-4182

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Guided Bass Fishing Trips (includes fishing in drift boat, max. 2 rods)

Full Day $275 (CAD) Half Day $190 (CAD)


Guided Trout Wade Fishing Trips

Full Day $200 (CAD) Half Day $125 (CAD)


Because Scotian Anglers is dedicated to protecting fish stocks and the
environment, we practise catch and release and do not keep fish.