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Yarmouth Rail Trail

Rail Trail from Shelburne County to Digby County.

Shared-use, OHVs allowed.
Starting Points with Parking (see regional map):

South route

(Town of Yarmouth, Arcadia, Tusket, Argyle, Pubnico to Shelburne County)
Parking in Town of Yarmouth:

1  Water St. (South end) at the Wastewater Treatment Plant, proceed L along shore to fork, keep L, cross Chebogue Rd.
GPS: Lat: 43°49.4742, Lon: -66°7.450799

2  On Regent St. GPS: Lat: 43°49.0515, Lon: -66°6.58608

Parking in Municipality of Yarmouth:

3  Arcadia School in Arcadia (on Hwy 3 walk in direction of Yarmouth Town, 500 m to trail crossing). GPS: Lat: 43°49.46819, Lon: -66°4.014

4  On Egypt Rd. GPS: Lat: 43°50.27778, Lon: -66°1.51044
Parking in Municipality of Argyle:

5  Intersection of trail with Hwy 308 in Tusket. GPS: Lat: 43°51.7227, Lon: -65°58.36728

6 Intersection of trail with Argyle Head Rd. in Argyle Station. GPS: Lat: 43°48.72672, Lon: -65°51.37536

7  Intersection of trail with Hwy 3 in Pubnico. GPS: Lat: 43°42.22794, Lon: -65°46.84854

8  Intersection of trail with Hwy 3 in Lower East Pubnico.GPS: Lat: 43°35.89746, Lon: -65°46.4787

North route

(Town of Yarmouth, Hebron, South Ohio, Norwood to Digby County)
Parking in Town of Yarmouth:

9  Water St. in un-paved lot (private owner agreement) to L of West Nova Fuels.
GPS: Lat: 43°50.7599, Lon: -66°7.05

10  Prospect St. parking lot nearest trail. GPS: Lat: 43°51.40728, Lon: -66°6.6783 

Distance: 87 km in Yarmouth County
Time: -
Description: Linear. Stone dust, mostly even. Old rail bed. During hunting season (Sept to March) it is recommended to wear hunter orange.
Attractions: Forest, wetlands, back yards, benches.
Services: Tim Horton’s (washrooms), South Ohio Esso Station (washrooms)