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  • Studio Yarmouth Cafe and Gallery

Studio Yarmouth Cafe and Gallery

255 Main Street, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia B5A 1E2

Studio Yarmouth is a bespoke café, bakery, limited-service restaurant and retail arts and crafts gallery/store. Founded in February, 2023, Studio Yarmouth’s vision is to bring a world-class, european-inspired coffee shop experience to the town of Yarmouth, the greater Western Shore region, and to visitors from all over the world. Studio Yarmouth is partnered with Roastery 46 Coffee in Dartmouth, which enables us to offer our customers some of the best espresso and handmade coffee in the area. Bakery items are always fresh and handmade in house. Studio Yarmouth has also started to offer light lunch options which are always fresh, healthy, and delicious. The atmosphere of Studio Yarmouth is carefully curated, from the interior design elements to the custom playlist, to offer a welcoming and relaxing environment that customers will want to come back to. The gallery and shop includes unique, handmade arts and crafts creations with a focus on highlighting the unique beauty of our lovely town of Yarmouth!

At Studio Yarmouth, our mission is to provide unmatched food and beverage quality, an inviting and relaxed atmosphere, excellent customer service, and reasonable prices. We believe that friendly, efficient, customer-centric service, combined with great quality products, are the winning combination. We also have a couple of key values that we hold dear:

1. Sustainability: Minimizing environmental impacts is one of our core values – whether in reducing our water or electricity usage or in our eco-friendly packaging choices, we always strive to find new ways to be sustainable and green.
2. Community-minded: The café is a natural gathering spot for people from the town and surrounding areas; we want to encourage people to meet and connect with others in the Studio Yarmouth space. We also value local charitable organizations and always strive to find ways to support the local community.

Hours of Operation

  • Tuesdays to Fridays : 8:00am - 4:00pm
  • Saturdays : 9:00am - 4:00pm
  • Sundays & Mondays : Closed

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