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  • Yarmouth Buoy Wall

Yarmouth Buoy Wall

1110 NS-304, Yarmouth Bar, Nova Scotia B5A 4A7

Oh Buoy!

The Yarmouth Buoy Wall is a delightful and captivating art feature that showcases the maritime spirit of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Located near the picturesque Cape Forchu Lighthouse, this unique wall is adorned with an array of colorful buoys that pay homage to the region’s rich fishing heritage. As you approach the wall, you can’t help but be drawn in by its vibrant and playful display. Each buoy tells a story, representing the hard work and dedication of the local fishermen and women who rely on these markers to locate their lobster traps. The Yarmouth Buoy wall not only serves as a striking visual attraction but also serves as a symbol of the town’s deep connection to the sea. You won’t be able to resist the urge to snap a photo against this lively backdrop, creating lasting memories of your time spent in Yarmouth & Acadian Shores.

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