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  • Yarmouth Mountain Cemetery Guided Tours

Yarmouth Mountain Cemetery Guided Tours

110 Parade Street, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia B5A 2M5
(902) 742-3315 |

Yarmouth Mountain Cemetery Company is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to the burial of persons of all denominations. The cemetery is owned by its lot holders and is managed by a volunteer board of directors. We employ a superintendent, secretary-treasurer and 3 full-time groundskeepers. We are committed to provide excellent and compassionate service to our lot holders and strive to maintain and beautify the cemetery grounds.

Five different tours which include:

History of Yarmouth Mountain Cemetery, World War I & II Veterans, Politicians, Trees, Jewish Lot, Sea Captains, Maude Lewis’s Parents, Influential Women, Free Masonry and Interesting Monuments.

Hours of Operation

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