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Chez la Forêt at Trout Point Lodge

​Trout Point's unpretentious Atlantic cuisine is distinguished by the finest regional products, intertwining local seafood, organic ingredients, wild woodland delicacies, and produce from the gardens to create an unforgettable dining experience founded on principles of sustainability. Check here for a recent sampling. Winner of an Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator magazine since 2009 for its wine list, suggested wines are offered every night.

A hallmark of Trout Point's Atlantic cuisine is the use of the Lodge's own in-house ingredients:
--House cold-smoked salmon, scallops, trout, and swordfish;
--Home-made cheeses like chèvre, ricotta, and fresh mozzarella;
--Vegetables, herbs, edible flowers, and salad greens from the Lodge's own ever expanding gardens;
--Desserts, ice creams, sorbets, and artisanal breads (always from organic flours) baked daily

​A leading member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association, Trout Point has won a coveted 3-star rating in what the London Guardian has termed the "Michelin stars of sustainability" as well as the inaugural Green Restaurant Award from the Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia.

An intimate venue for couples, candle lit with white table linens, silver cutlery, crystal stemware, paneled walls, hand-hewn bar and a red stone fireplace.


189 Trout Point Rd., East Kemptville, NS B0W 1Y0, East Kemptville, NS


T: (902) 761-2142